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I’m in Boston/Cambridge area visiting a couple of friends for the weekend. This is very unusual for me since I can count on 1 hand the number of times I’ve traveled alone to visit people. I also usually don’t take “weekend getaways,” but Anna convinced me to come out this Columbus Day weekend.

The beginnings of autumn in New England.

The beginnings of autumn in New England.

I flew in last night — flight was enjoyable, my plane arrived more than thirty minutes early! Anna met me at the airport, and I got to take in a beautiful view of Boston/Cambridge while riding the T. I walked around a bit last night and had Herrell’s ice cream and a much-appreciated dinner with Bhavna.

This morning, I sat in on a Harvard Law School class on legislation and regulation. It’s Family Day at HLS, so I wasn’t the only visitor (maybe I should parade around as Anna’s sister?). The class was so interesting, and the students were very engaged. I think I’ll enjoy the atmosphere when I eventually enter law school. After that I met Eric L. for breakfast and a tour around campus. I met Anna after class for hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick –yum!

Anna's chai and warm rasberry tart -- perfect snack on a cold day.

Anna's chai and warm raspberry tart -- perfect snack for a cold day.

Harvard is so pretty. It almost feels like Disneyland because of all the bricked roads. I’m enjoying my trip so far, especially the leaves and the food. More later.


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