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On the dangers of Sporcle

In the past couple of weeks, my apartment mates, friends, and I have all gotten addicted to Sporcle.

What is this strange-to-pronounce name, you might ask? It is a dangerously addicting website where users can play “mentally stimulating” games on a number of topics, which range from the very specific (“Shakespeare Plays” to “LOTR Races”) to the extremely broad (“Countries of Africa,” or “Major Wars”). Each “game” is timed, and afterwards you can also see the statistics of “most missed” and pride yourself on the fact that you knew the answer to a question that 80% of Sporclers missed.


Sporcle.com: the worst diversion since Wikipedia.



One of my apartments and I share a passion for trivia–in fact, we’ve been trying to get our hands on a copy of Trivial Pursuit for over a year now. As you can imagine, this coupled with the “challenge” of the time limit had disastrous consequences. Apt 205 and friends stayed up once until 4 A.M. playing it, until the will to play was reined in by sheer physical limitations. We played on topics across the board–including “Original Pokemon” (extremely difficult because of spelling) to my personal favorite, “Opening Lines” under Literature. We’ve also brought Sporcle to large gatherings, playing Time’s 100 Best Television Shows with 15 other people.

Sporcle seems harmless enough, but what can start off as just one game can quickly spawn into a Sporcle marathon. Save yourselves–do NOT play if nearing midterms/giant papers or labs/finals. Dear reader, you have been forewarned.


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