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Excuse the brevity — I’ve got “real work” to do and have already wasted enough time online. 😦

What’s been going on in life? A few notes:

  • Extremely busy with a club that serve as president for. I guess I didn’t realize the time commitment would be so great when I took on the role. I’ve been running around, making sure office hours are okay, double checking the happiness of interns, worrying about little things the other directors aren’t responsible for, etc. Welcome back to management life, I suppose
  • I’ve also been helping two clients for mentioned club last week. There are some really messed up landlords in Berkeley–and they can even be students! I’m glad somebody cares and can help
  • Recently succumbed to a Twitter account (for class)–but now I fear I might be addicted to finding pseudo-celebrities and chasing trending topics. Why, why, why??? What can possibly be said in 140 characters other than some narcissistic, unnecessary glimpse into one’s life? (But then again, what is a blog?)
  • Also recently discovered how great Thucydides is. That guy rocks! It’s like reading 300 in a book. Personal favorites: Mytilenian debate and Melian dialogue
  • Still cooking+blogging away at Foodie Friday
  • Caught up on a lot of TV the other day. Not a good sign
  • On another note, should cancel Netflix as soon as I am caught up on How I Met Your Mother and Entourage. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to think to really take advantage of Netflix

See you in ~2 weeks!


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